My name is Lindsay Lavell. I am the owner and chief designer at Budding Bee Designs. I am also the owner of Cats & Couture, a fashion blog meets cat blog. If that wasnt enough, I own my own retail business, Crystal Cattitude Interchangeable Jewelry featuring Magnabilities & Crystal Clips by Cats & Couture. And yes… I still work a 9-5.

Why does all of this matter? Well, this makes me an expert in knowing just how important time is. I have learned that no matter the project, finding the most efficient method of completing it will ensure success every time. Budding Bee Designs is a tool for efficiency with amazing designs at an affordable cost.

I have been designing for over 15 years. My passion began in my early high school days when I created graphics for the various blogs I had to share my deepest and darkest secrets. As I matured, my skills matured–growing from poorly altered images with grungy text to the clean lines snd crisp images you see now.

In my 9-5, I have made a living out of what was once a hobby, having over 5 years of experience as the marketing coordinator for a handful of businesses. As I ventured into creating my own small business, I realized just how much time I spent creating websites, graphics, logos, social media posts, etc. Knowing that I was fully capable of creating my own, I looked into hiring someone to do it for me just to save some precious time and energy. But, as a small business owner, money was also a precious resource I did not have a lot of, and most design services were charging a lot of money. I knew, I couldnt be the only one struggling…

So, I created Budding Bee Designs with the idea that good design shouldn’t cost you a fortune. I wanted to share my skills with others like me who needed beautiful things created on a budget.

I find it so rewarding that I have found a way to turn what was once a hobby into a service that is helping people grow their dreams. I am so blessed to be able to work with individuals who have the seeds of an amazing idea, but just need a little water to help it grow.